Abingdon House School

A Very Special School

Therapy Services

Abingdon House School has a team of Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Music and Play Therapists.

Together with specialist Literacy and Maths Teachers, these staff make up the 'Special Provision' Team.

Abingdon House School has a team of therapists including speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, a physiotherapist, a music therapist and a play therapist.

Therapy is integrated into the school day at Abingdon House School. Therapists work with children in their classroom alongside teaching staff in lessons and also at lunch and break times. Therapy is also provided on a need led basis in small group, paired and individual sessions.

Class group sessions include:

Lego Therapy - using Lego building in a group situation to encourage development of social and communication skills and fine motor skills.

ASDAN - supporting the pupils to develop life skills such as budgeting, planning, community skills and healthy living.

COSMO - Coordination, sequencing and movement, physiotherapy and occupational therapy led class groups that develop gross motor, fine motor and sensory regulation skills.

Sensory circuits - a session for our younger pupils to support their sensory regulation needs 

Social skills – we work on developing communication skills in a social context.  This includes using language appropriately within groups and other social situations, learning to understand the perspective of other people and recognising and dealing with emotions. We use some published programmes and adapt these to the needs of our pupils.

Girls Group - a space for girls to develop peer relationships and discuss issues important to them.