Abingdon House School

A Very Special School

The School

Abingdon House School is located at Broadley Terrace NW1 just off Lisson Grove and within walking distance from Regents Park.

Abingdon House School is part of Cavendish Education Ltd.

Facilities & Equipment

In a refurbished Victorian School on four levels, we have the facilities to educate 90 boys and girls aged between 5-13 years of age. The classrooms are large, bright and well furnished. The school has a Hall that is used for assemblies, celebrations and games, a Library/Dining room, a Music room, an Art & Design room, a Science room, and an ICT suite. Each child has their own laptops for use in classrooms, (or iPads if they are more appropriate for the child's needs or depending on the activity for example using a Speech & Language Therapy app.)

There are specialist rooms for occupational and physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, music therapy as well as for other additional support.

The pupils play in Regents Park and other local parks and recreational facilities on a regular basis.

Teaching Environment

Our environment is based on understanding a child's individual needs, nurturing a child's academic and social development and caring for a child's well being. The environment is therefore warm and friendly and we are committed to every child. The teaching style is multi-sensory and the school day is organised around a regular routine. We understand the importance of discipline and boundaries. The school fosters a sense of pride and belonging that encourages the child to progress and achieve at school.