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Our approach

Abingdon House School provides a whole school approach for pupils who are diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty early in their education and who would respond well to intense intervention for a short period of time.

We are here to listen and advise; we have a highly skilled and professional team for your consultation. Each pupil has an Individual Education Plan with targets reviewed at the end of each term. This individual ‘menu’ may change each term as staff select from the ‘menu’ the most appropriate provision for each pupil, depending on the outcomes of the previous term and the pupil’s needs. Pupils receive a combination of class, group and individual lessons.

We aim to provide and advance the education of children with specific learning difficulties and to provide facilities for diagnosing, assessing and advising on the treatment and education of these children.

We aim to prepare these children for a return to mainstream schooling through: the provision of a holistic and individually tailored education programmes, by providing an environment that develops self-confidence and personal success and by maintaining an appropriately low pupil to teacher ratio, typically 1:5. Within group lessons such as Maths and Literacy, this may be lower.

Reporting and Assessment

Individual Education Plan

Each pupil has an IEP (Individual Education Plan). This is constructed around the individual needs of the pupil. It can be as much to do with developing strengths, as it is to do with tackling perceived weaknesses.

Each target aims to be SMART (s pecific, m easurable, a chievable, r ealistic, t ime frame). At the end of each term, we review these targets with the parents and make recommendations for the next term’s targets.

Subject reports

These will be sent prior to the parent/teacher meetings in the autumn and summer terms. A comment will be given for each subject as well as a report from the Head.

Parent / teacher/ pupil meetings

These meetings are held at the end of each term and the pupil is present for part or for the whole of the meeting as deemed appropriate.

Rewards and Sanctions

Abingdon operates a whole school policy. Our rules are simple and reflect the ethos of the school.

  • Always be kind and helpful
  • Always be respectful
  • Always be honest
  • Always try your best
  • Always look after school property

Abingdon uses the “Zones of regulation” in all classes.

Merits, stickers and certificates are used consistently throughout the school and a Stars of the week, (academic, social skills and enthusiasm), are congratulated and presented with certificates and badges in assembly. A Prize Giving is held each term so that pupils are given the opportunity for their effort and achievement to be recognised and celebrated on a regular basis.

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