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AHSC Granted Google Reference Status

Over the summer Abingdon House School & College (AHSC) were granted the status of Google Reference School. AHSC also has the distinction of becoming the first SEND Google Reference School in the UK. This status is awarded to schools that have embedded the use of Google Workspace for Education throughout their school. It reflects that we are using Google tools in creative, innovative or exemplary ways. At AHSC we have completely embedded the use of Google Workspace throughout all areas of the curriculum to positively impact the learning and ability of all of our students. It also reflects the steps our staff have made to use these tools in a collaborative and innovative manner.

The status reflects the growing level of ability, confidence and competence of our IT users whether they are teaching staff, therapists, administrators or students. It also reflects our growing status in the extended community. We started by offering training for our parents on a termly basis, this has now grown beyond Google tips and we have offered talks and guidance on a number of subjects including screen time and internet safety. We now are ready to show what we have achieved to the wider community, opening our doors to show the great work our staff do on a daily basis. Mr Reeves has had the opportunity to speak at a number of Besa LearnEd roadshows, where he has been able to share our stories of growth. A journey that started with 10 chromebooks in a cupboard and has ended with a fully embedded technology system which has allowed the school to flourish.

Normalising technology is one of the cornerstones of our ethos. Chromebooks are seen as tools to complete tasks. A tool that allows students with unique learning profiles to access not just their work, but the world around them, differentiating their learning journey to the needs of individual pupils. Allowing them to show their character and abilities. The skills they develop now will be utilised throughout their lives, giving our students experience and advantage for their journey into the wider world.

Here is a link to our story of Google's impact which details our Journey towards Google Reference School status:

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