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Anti Bullying Week at AHS

During Anti-Bullying Week it can be easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the stereotype of the ‘bully’ and the negative behaviours associated with this label. As educators, once we break down the barrier, it becomes apparent that bullying has many faces. Not surprisingly for our students, recognising these negative behaviours can be an increasingly difficult task.

In this day and age bullying can quickly morph from one form to another. This is certainly the case when we have access to an increasing range of new platforms on which to communicate.

This week our learning around Safer Internet Day tied in seamlessly with our Anti-Bullying theme and students were able to explore how to stay safe when using the internet. In some lessons pupils were challenged to look at the power and control a person might feel when they have the opportunity to communicate without ‘face to face’ interaction.

Through the medium of drama some teachers performed to the Senior students to reinforce the key message that everyone has the ability to make the right choices. Next week, I am really looking forward to the Hawking students acting out scenes around anti-bullying and I have no doubt they will communicate a positive message to their peers.

So how do we help children make the right choices? As adults, I believe we have a responsibility to try to instil values in our students - to teach them to respect themselves and others, to show kindness and to understand what it means to be a good friend. During Anti-Bullying Week, these values are brought into the spotlight but should never be taught in isolation during one week. These lessons should continue throughout our lives. Adults should be the ultimate role models for children, to show them that kindness and thinking about others, no matter how we choose to communicate, is always the right choice to make.

Ms Russo

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