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Dyspraxia Awareness Week

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Next week is dyspraxia awareness week. Dyspraxia (also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder, or DCD) is a condition very familiar to many of us here at AHS.

This year dyspraxia awareness week is focusing on the emotional needs of those living with dyspraxia/DCD. Here at AHS we work hard to make sure our children with dyspraxia are receiving positive outcomes from the physical activities they participate in and are supported with things they can find difficult, such as learning new skills and transitioning to new environments, so that anxiety is reduced and confidence increased.

Coinciding with dyspraxia awareness week, one of the major characters being introduced in the brand new season of Doctor Who (starting on Sunday) has dyspraxia.

Speaking at the launch of Doctor Who‘s new series in Sheffield, Chris Chibnall (lead writer and series producer) said: “We did a lot of research into that, […] it was important because people live with these things.

“It’s a relatively common thing among kids, so I think it’s important to see that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. That’s the most important thing about Doctor Who and you will see that [idea] happen a lot across this year.”

For more information about dyspraxia/DCD and dyspraxia awareness week please feel free to contact the Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy team.

James Paterson

Physiotherapist and SENCo

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