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Football Report: 27th February 2020

Not even the late winter snow was enough to keep Abingdon House from meeting a challenge on the Football pitch. Facing off against the talented Marylebone Bridge School, our team exhibited both their remarkable athletic skills and sportsmanship.  From kick off we had Marylebone Bridge pinned up against their goal. Playing with fantastic dexterity, they made a strong line of defence. However they were not a match for the winning combo of James OA and Yusuf’s fancy footwork, together they broke through to score the first goal of what became a fast pace and exciting game! Our defence was impeccable, Toly and Zac regularly substituting out for George and Sepehr kept our line fresh and hot on their feet, and with James G holding the fort we were virtually unstoppable. With mere seconds before half time, Yusuf with the support of Cejai, Abdi and Aston planted the second score of the match firmly in their goal.  Kicking off the second half we had Sydney in goal and Marylebone Bridge were out to get even. Despite almost telepathic communication and incredible teamwork two goals managed to narrowly slip through bringing both teams up to 2-2.  Even though the game ended in a hard won draw between the two sides both teams had a whale of a time. Adam, leading by example, showed outstanding sportsmanship. Thanking and congratulating Marylebone Bridge for the game and complimenting them on their skills. The two sides left with feelings of accomplishment and pride.  Well done Adam, Sepher, Abdi, Cejai, Aston, George, Toly, Zac, Yusuf, James OA, Sydney and James G

By Mr Buckingham

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