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Mr Archer's Internet Safety Update

As no doubt, many of us (adults and children) are spending more time online right now, I wanted to share a few links that may prove useful.

Firstly, on a non-online tangent, linked below is a lovely story that explains what is happening in the world right now, in a child friendly fashion.

Secondly, this video below helps explain some of the features parents can use to control the content young people can access on YouTube.

At Abingdon House, we use ThinkUKnow resources as part of our PSHE curriculum. They have put together some work packs and activities to help students think about online safety whilst being at home.

Many of us are turning to live video streaming to communicate with family and friends. One app that has already gained notoriety is Houseparty. You can find out more about how to use it safely here.

If anyone has any further questions related to internet safety, please do contact me straight away.

Stay safe everyone!

Mr Archer

Matt Archer

Deputy Headteacher

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