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Accelerated Reader Programme at AHS!

Thanks to the generous donations by AHS families and the hard work of the parents association we have been able to invest in the Accelerated Reader programme at Abingdon House School. We have added a wide range of quality literature to our library and we are now very excited to announce the Library is up and ready!

The programme allows us to accurately select challenging literature for the children by using the books in our library and linking them with online comprehension quizzes and summative assessments from the Accelerated Reader website. Once the children have completed a book they complete one of the assessments which will give their teacher feedback on their understanding of what they have read. It will also set books into categories of challenge (how difficult  the text is to read) and interest (how the content of the text will relate to either younger or older children).

A huge thank you to Mrs Graefling, Ms Abando, Ms El-Hadad and Mr Banfield for their hard work, time and dedication in getting the accelerated reader programme together.

Mr Banfield will be organising some twilight training sessions for families to attend, where we are excited to share in more detail the benefits of this programme. 

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