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AHS Students invited to work with Prof Simon Baron-Cohen

Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen has been associated with Abingdon House School for a number of years. He is a regular speaker on Autism at the AHS Professional and Parent Evenings.

Earlier this week Simon contacted AHS to ask we would like to take part in his latest research project. The project will be run on the ground by a student of Simon’s Hiba Khan at UCL co-supervised by staff at UCL.

Simon proposes to recruit children with autism/Asperger Syndrome into a study of the Transporters (, to see if practice with this DVD changes brain function, using electrophysiological recording, (harmless and non-invasive).

The assessments are all taking place in London at UCL. More details will follow.

Simon writes to Parents: “Many thanks for considering this request. The study has ethical approval and is funded by the Autism Research Trust.”

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