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Healthy Eating week

Throughout the school students have been engaging in Healthy Eating Week. Whilst healthy eating is a challenge for many people for those of our students with sensory processing difficulties it can be even more difficult.

Many of our students have taste sensitivities and have struggled to meet the same feeding developmental milestones as their peers.

Claire Lancaster and Celia Guimaraes, OTs have completed training in the Sequential Oral Sensory  (SOS) approach and Janita Dingwall, OT, has a professional background in nutrition. The OT team run 2 weekly food groups in the school, one for upper school students and one for lower school.

The group begins with a sensory activity and bubble blowing to regulate the sensory system.

Each week different foods are explored and the students are encouraged to explore a range of foods with all their senses. It isn’t unusual to find us squishing tomatoes with our fingers or placing strawberries on our noses! The aim is to gradually expose students to a wider range of foods and manage the different sensations.

The students who attend food group have made fantastic progress this year, well done to them all!

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