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Lego Therapy at Abingdon House School

Many of our pupils love playing with Lego, making Lego therapy a popular session at Abingdon. Lego therapy groups are an effective way of supporting children to develop their social communication and interaction skills. These groups allow our pupils to practise a wide range of skills in the context of a fun and engaging activity, whilst developing friendships.

Lego therapy sessions focus on collaborative building projects where students are supported to achieve an agreed goal. Each pupil is given a distinct role in the group. The Architect has the instructions and is responsible for letting the others know what bricks are required and how to put them together. The Supplier is responsible for supplying the builder with the correct pieces. The Builder is responsible for putting the pieces together according to the instructions given by the architect.

Skills targeted include:

  • Attention and listening

  • Taking turns and sharing

  • Giving and following instructions

  • Use and understanding of concepts

  • Problem solving skills

  • Ability to negotiate and compromise

  • Assertiveness

  • Creativity

  • Fine motor skills

Why not give Lego therapy a go at home!

By Rachel Cullen Speech and Language Therapist at Abingdon House School

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