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Senior School news article

As part of their COPE course, Hawking class are going to be writing a Senior School news article for the newsletter once a fortnight. Well done to Adam, Cejai, Aston, Ronnie, James, Abdi, George and Sepehr for their collaborative effort.

Jeans for Genes at AHS

On Friday 21st September we are having an event at AHS called Jeans for Genes day. We are going to wear jeans for School instead of school uniform and raise money for charity.

What is Jeans for Genes day?

Jeans for Genes was established in 1994 by Children’s Medical Research Institute to fund revolutionary research that helps diagnose, understand, and find cures or treatments for conditions affecting kids, including genetic diseases, cancer, and epilepsy.

The way they raise money is to fund events for example, going into school with jeans and this is what we are going to do at AHS.

Wearing jeans for school makes us feel free, comfortable and makes us look good and smart. Everyone likes it and it improves everyone's mood.

Why can’t we have Mufti Day every day?

School uniform helps other people know we’re at AHS and makes us look smart and professional. Also Mufti Days are special and they would lose their specialness. Plus, Mufti Days are a great way of raising money for charity.

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