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Ida tells us about her Careers Interview with Catherine from Scope

This month, our College students had the opportunity to meet with Catherine from the disability and equality charity, Scope.

Bellow, Ida tells us about her interview experience.

"Today I had my careers interview with Catherine from Scope. We talked about how I want to be a football coach when I grow up. She asked me what I like in school, I like doing maths, painting, and sports. She gave me quite good advice. She said if I want to I could visit a football club to see whats it's like to be a coach and that there is a special place you can go to try out, to be one of the football coaches that teach smaller kids to play football and I really want to do that. I think the skills I would need are to talk with the young ones and think about what they do and they can show me how they play, and I can see what they can actually do, what kind of skills they have, and how they actually play on the field. I play a lot of football and I’ve wanted to be a football coach since I was little. When I was in my old school, we had a little football club, and I was the coach and I was inspired to watch a lot of YouTube videos about how the different teenagers became coaches.

I really enjoyed my interview with Catherine, it was really inspiring."

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