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Senior School


The transition into secondary school is a key milestone in a child’s development.  


At Abingdon House School, our Senior School students are presented with increased responsibilities, privileges and challenges to help them continue to develop skills and confidence to achieve independence beyond our doors.  We recognise that each student will progress at different rates, and they are strongly supported with this transition across all areas of the school.


Our Senior School students engage in a course of study that leads to a variety of opportunities for external qualifications, including Entry Levels, Functional Skills, core GCSEs (for those who have completed Level 2 Functional Skills qualifications), Arts Award and ASDAN.


Subjects are taught by subject-specific teachers and students are organised into groups to suit their ability.


The ongoing development of life, social and learning skills are enhanced with the introduction of career and employability skills.  These continue to be integrated into all lessons as well as ongoing distinct classes to support these areas of development. The skills acquired in these areas will form part each student’s portfolio of work to be used towards the attainment of qualifications at Key Stage 4.

If you would like to consider applying to our Senior School, please take a look at our Admissions Information.


Our College is designed to support our students with their transition to adulthood.  We recognise the need for specialised education to develop independence, employability and resilience for future endeavours.

Our curriculum includes integrated therapy based on the ‘Wheel of Independence’ framework to teach key life skills and the social skills needed for success.  We provide our students with the opportunity to continue to achieve their KS4 qualifications in a range of subjects, including Functional Skills Maths and English, Entry Level Certificate in Science, ASDAN, Arts Awards and IT B-Tech. 

We also aim to arrange short-term or long-term work experience placements for our students to prepare them for their next steps.

If you would like to consider applying to our College, please take a look at our Admissions Information.

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