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Tracking, Assessing and Reporting


Student progress is closely monitored and reported throughout the academic year.


Pupil Progress Monitoring


Each student at Abingdon House School has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), that sets out objectives, targets and interventions specific to each student.  IEPs are reviewed, assessed and updated three times a year. All staff working with each student contributes to the IEPs, through student conferences and target setting and tracking, and the IEPs are used daily in lessons to inform the teaching and therapy input.


Standardised testing for numeracy and literacy is used throughout the school.  Students are base lined upon starting at Abingdon House School, and tests are administered annually to track student progress and inform teaching and interventions.


Student progress across the curriculum is monitored using FROG Progress, which tracks student progress against the learning objectives across each subject and therapy area.


Behaviour, Attendance and Punctuality are closely monitored and tracked across all areas of the school.  Behavioural and Attendance/Punctuality support plans are used across these areas as required.


Mental Health and Wellbeing are also monitored, tracked and assessed throughout the academic year using a variety of methods including assessment for interventions, class conferences and student questionnaires.



Student progress and attainment are reported to families every half term.  Reporting methods include:

  • IEPs:  targets to achieve outcomes, interventions, progress towards targets

  • Progress Reports:  progress tracking of class based objectives, class based targets, form tutor comments, attendance

  • Full Written Reports:  written reports for each subject and therapy, test results, attendance

  • Parents’ Evenings: scheduled meetings with all teachers and therapists working with your child

  • Annual Reviews: for students with EHCPs


Staff are available to speak with parents and carers informally at the end of the school day, and appointments can be easily made to speak with staff in more depth outside of our formalised reporting schedule.


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