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Ethos and Aims


At Abingdon House School, our students have Unique Learning Profiles and Unique Talents.  


Effective learning and teaching is based on understanding a child's individual profiles, nurturing their academic and social development and caring for a their wellbeing. The environment is warm and friendly and we are committed to each student's holistic development.


Our ‘4C’s’ provides the pillars of our educational model at Abingdon House School, and encompass the skills, traits and values that we aim to empower our students with;


Confidence          Competence          Creativity          Character


We have a whole school focus on recognising and celebrating our students’ efforts, successes and achievements through a positive approach to behavioural management, which is supported with across the school with programmes such as Zones of Regulation, Social Thinking, and PATHS.




We aim to prepare our students for success by:


  • Having high expectations and aspirations for all, putting the students at the centre of their learning;

  • Ensuring a low staff to student ratio and small class sizes with trained teaching assistants, therapists and teachers using a range of strategies and therapeutic interventions;

  • Providing our staff with a thorough and comprehensive programme of continual professional development

  • Providing a combination of class, group and individual lessons with therapy integrated into the school day, including access at lunch and break times;

  • Providing access to Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy on a need-led basis, using a variety of approaches to meet students’ needs;

  • Developing, monitoring and implementing an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for each pupil, including targets and strategies to support;

  • Fostering strong home school relationships, including thorough cycle of reporting through parent teacher meetings, progress reports and IEPs.

  • Monitoring progress through a rigorous system of assessment and tracking;

  • Implementing a consistent system of positive behaviour support;

  • Placing special emphasis on the development of literacy and numeracy, social skills, language and communication and coordination, sequencing and movement and overall personal development;

  • Delivering extensive PSHE and Citizenship programmes, as well as Wellbeing and Enrichment Lessons;

  • Providing a broad range of opportunities for education outside the classroom;

  • Having a wide and diverse range of qualifications on offer at Key Stage 4.

"This school has changed my life. I had to leave my last school because no-one understood me. I came to Abingdon and looking back, it’s the best school that I’ve ever been to and I’ve changed so much over these past three years. I’ve come so far now, the teachers are really helpful, I’ve been doing really well with my work, I’ve made lots of friends and I really enjoy coming to school.” Senior School Student

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