Admissions Marylebone

If you think that Abingdon House Senior, Marylebone, may be the right place for your child, please enquire about admissions by contacting our Head of Admissions, Claire Essien.

Contact: Head of Admissions, Claire Essien 


Senior Number: 0203 750 5526

Admissions Mobile: 07842039900

Criteria for admission to Abingdon House School

Abingdon House School accommodates students with a variety of neurodiverse needs through our specialist approach within a mainstream-styled school. We cater for pupils with diagnoses of autism spectrum condition, specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, ADHD, social communication difficulties, and other associated needs. Abingdon House Senior School is appropriate for students with or without EHC Plans, as well as private or Local Authority funding, with each application being considered individually.

The school is not able to cater for pupils:

  • Whose primary presenting need is behavioural. This includes demand avoidance (PDA/EDA) 
  • Requiring an ABA-specific approach
  • Who are pre-verbal, or require augmentative and alternative communication devices
  • Who are working below the national curriculum level (such as P scales).

These needs require specific support and structures that are outside of our mainstream-style provision

Process for admission

Our process for admissions is as follows:

  1. Contact the school to receive our enquiry form and fill this out – we can’t consider applications without this form being completed.
  2. We appreciate families will have varying reports to include with their application, but please provide as many of the following specialist reports as you can:
    • EHCP – if a child has an EHCP, we do need to see this before providing feedback, even if it’s out of date.
    • Your child’s most recent annual review 
    • Your child’s most recent school reports
    • Speech and language therapy reports, dated within two years
    • Educational psychologist reports, dated within two years
    • Occupational therapy reports, dated within two years
    • Any other professional reports, dated within two years.
  3. Once the admissions team has reviewed the reports, where appropriate, your child will be invited to participate in a trial day at the Senior School. This will be a half, full or two day trial. They will be placed in a potentially suitable class and engage in the standard school day. Teachers, therapists and SENCos will observe your child throughout the day.
  4. Following the trial day, we will arrange a call with your child’s current SENCo or class teacher.
  5. We will also organise a call between parents/carers and our Headteacher or Head of Senior School. 

Enrolment is year-round, which means that we can consider students at any point in the academic year. We always aim, where possible, to have students start at the Senior School at the beginning of a half or full term.

Both parents must be in agreement with their child attending Abingdon House School before we would offer a place, as a close working relationship between parents and school is essential.

Families are welcome to tour the school; however, be aware that there may be a short wait to attend a tour due to the volume of requests we receive. 

Please note that the Senior School is housed in a four-storey building without a lift. Please let us know if you need anything to accommodate your visit.


Academic year 2023/24: £15,317 per term (£45,951 per annum). Fees are adjusted annually.


Claire Essien

Head of Admissions

Rory Vokes-Dudgeon