Enrichment Marylebone

Abingdon House School Enrichment Programme offers our students the opportunity to broaden their skills and aspirations through a variety of fun and engaging practical activities that enhance the curriculum and provide avenues for creativity, engagement and academic development.

Our Senior School Enrichment Programme

Abingdon House School Enrichment activities are planned specifically to promote and develop problem solving and creative thinking skills, teamwork, behavioural and social skills, citizenship and decision-making skills.

Enrichment activities present specialist education and learning experiences in a variety of areas. They can also help pupils explore interests they may not otherwise have considered, with other students from across all areas of the school.

Enrichment activities in the Senior School have recently included Nature Appreciation, Recycling Club, Gardening, Team Sports, Sculpting, Fine Art, Around the World studies, Drama  and Group Singing.

We consistently monitor popular and specialist interests to offer enrichment activities that are challenging, interesting and match the creative and educational aims of our student body.