Curriculum Purley

Students for whom, until now, schooling has not been a positive experience or who may struggle

with confidence, anxiety and self-esteem, will begin to feel that at Abingdon House School, Purley they belong to a community that understands and welcomes them.

We aim to support the positive development of our students’ self-esteem; as such we embrace and celebrate difference, effort in its many guises, and achievement in both academic and personal development. We aim to help our students grow a belief in their own abilities and to recognise their many strengths.

Our curriculum offer is inspiring, broad and balanced.

In our younger years we have a strong focus on the development of Literacy and Numeracy skills. In KS3 we teach the Core subjects (English, Maths Science, PSHE and ICT) and additional foundation subjects such as British Sign Language (BSL), Humanities, RE, Creative Arts, PE, Food Technology, Design Technology, Drama and Music.

Personal development is at the core of all of our teaching, and also taught through specific Social Skills and Life Skills lessons. We support our students with developing friendships, having positive and productive interactions and developing their self-image, confidence and self-esteem.

As students move into KS4 they will engage in options and therefore in a personalised course of study leading to a variety of opportunities for external qualifications at GCSE and equivalent level. Subjects are taught by subject-specific teachers and students are organised into groups to suit their ability.

The ongoing development of life and learning skills continues to be integral in all that we do, and is integrated into all lessons as well as ongoing distinct classes to support these areas of development and to foster independence beyond our doors.

Please note: as a newly-opened school catering for neurodiverse students with unique learning profiles, we are constantly updating and revising our curriculum and consequently the maps shown here: