Academic & Therapeutic Support

Academic support

We recognise that our students often exhibit ‘spiky’ profiles with varying strengths and needs across different subjects and skills (at, ahead of or behind age related expectations).  

Abingdon House School supports students learning at different phases and progressing at different rates using a variety of approaches and interventions including:

  • Quality first teaching that follows the national curriculum, which is differentiated, scaffolded and enriched to support individual need;
  • Identifying individual starting points across all areas of development (academic, personal, social, mental health, therapeutic and behaviour) and tracking progress against this using a variety of standardised and evidence based measures; 
  • Bespoke and individualised targets with stepped approaches to achieving long term goals (IEPs/Pupil Profiles);
  • A broad curriculum with the development of literacy, oracy and numeracy embedded throughout;
  • Experiential learning and education beyond the classroom to bring learning to life and support students to generalise their skills across all areas of the curriculum;
  • Enrichment built into the curriculum and extra curricular activities outside of the school day;
  • Small class sizes and high staff to student ratios;
  • Technology rich environment, with all students given a chromebook and google suite for education embedded across the school;
  • Assistive technology and academic interventions to support barriers to learning;
  • A variety of qualifications at Key Stage 4, enabling bespoke pathways in line with students’ individual needs, interests and aspirations.

The partnership between home and school is crucial for our students’ success. We foster this through:

  • Continuous Communication: We encourage informal communication via email, phone, and virtual or in-person meetings, complemented by formal progress updates throughout the year, including progress reports, target tracking, annual reviews and parent-teacher-therapist meetings.
  • Qualifications and Assessments: Regular updates on qualifications and assessments ensure parents are informed of their child’s academic standing.
  • Community Engagement: Parents have numerous opportunities to engage with the school community through PTA activities, training sessions, and information meetings organised by school staff.

Therapeutic Support

We embrace a holistic Integrated Therapy approach, bringing together a dedicated team of Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Mental Health Practitioners. These professionals work in unison with the educational staff to provide a layered spectrum of support—from universal to targeted and specialist interventions—tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Our integrated therapy focuses on reducing the barriers to learning such as regulation, sensory processing, social communication and interaction, anxiety and mental health.

Therapy is integrated into every aspect of the school day (universal offer) with therapists working with students in their classroom alongside teaching staff in lessons and also at lunch and break times. ​Integrated therapy is provided as part of a student’s natural setting in the classroom. The therapist might work directly with the student, directly with the whole class group or indirectly with staff. The key principle is that the therapist is working in collaboration with the staff and students. Everyone shares their knowledge and expertise in order to support the academic achievement and social participation of all students.  Therapy is also provided on a need led basis in small group, paired and individual sessions (targeted and specialist offer).

Our therapists are involved in the full scope of school life. They participate in planning and assessment, lead classroom lessons, and facilitate wellbeing and enrichment activities. Their involvement extends to supervising school events and trips, ensuring that therapy and support are consistently available, enhancing both academic performance and social participation.

By integrating our therapy across all aspects of our school, we ensure that every student benefits from a supportive, inclusive, and adaptive learning environment, fostering both academic achievement and personal growth.