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We understand how important it is to choose the right school for your child, especially when they have Special Educational Needs. If you think that Abingdon House School, Purley may be the right place for your child, please enquire about Admissions by:

Criteria for admission to Abingdon House School, Purley

Our aim is to deliver a mainstream style of provision but with a specialist approach. Students are likely to have a range of neurodiverse needs but will have the potential to progress in line with typically developing peers.

We cater for pupils with a diagnosis of autism spectrum conditions, specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, ADHD, social communication difficulties and other associated needs. Abingdon House School, Purley is appropriate for students with or without EHC Plans, as well as students who are privately or Local Authority funded, with each application being considered individually.

Teaching and therapy will focus on reducing the barriers to learning that students experience, whilst promoting academic attainment, confidence as a learner and the development of personal qualities and independence. Students will follow an adapted national curriculum, utilising specialist learning spaces and will work towards a variety of GCSE and equivalent qualifications at Key Stage 4. Teaching staff will represent a broad range of specialisms; ensuring that our curriculum is rich in subject specific knowledge, skills and vocabulary.

The school is not able to cater for pupils whose primary presenting need is behavioural. This includes demand avoidance (PDA/EDA) and pupils requiring an ABA-specific approach. These needs require specific support and structures that are outside of our mainstream-style provision. We follow the National Curriculum and are unable to support students who require support below this level (such as P Scales).

Procedure for Admission

Our process for Admissions is as follows:

  1. Fill in our admissions request form.
  2. Provide the school with all specialist reports and EHCPs where applicable.
  3. Our very experienced Admissions team will read your child’s paperwork to determine whether we are a suitable placement.
  4. If we believe we may be the right provision for the young person, an assessment will be set up (this would, where possible, consist of an observation at their current school or a trial day within the School).
  5. From time to time, our team may deem it necessary to conduct some further assessments of your child.

Enrolment is year-round, which means that we can consider students at any point in the year. We always aim, where possible, to have students start at the School at the beginning of a half or full term. Both parents must be in agreement of their child attending Abingdon House School, Purley before we would offer a place, as a close working relationship between parents and School is essential.

Meet the Admissions Team


Jonathan Mansell


Emma Stark

Deputy Headteacher

Leyla White

Office Manager/Admissions Lead