Enrichment South Kensington

Abingdon House School Enrichment Programme offers our students the opportunity to broaden their skills and aspirations through a variety of fun and engaging practical activities that enhance the curriculum and provide avenues for creativity, engagement and academic development.

Our Prep School Enrichment Programme

Our Prep school enrichment programme is dynamically created throughout the year and adapted to suit the needs of our students. We aim to give a range of academic options such as French or Cultural Studies, active options such as fitness or football and creative options such as jewellery making or music.

The enrichment programme works as a perfect addition to our academic curriculum and we develop our students’ feeling of ownership in their learning by giving them a choice of activity whilst encouraging them to think flexibly to choose things outside of their usual interests. Enrichment is seen as a perfect opportunity to find a student’s unknown talent or interest and to ultimately broaden their horizons.

We consistently monitor popular and specialist interests to offer enrichment activities that are challenging, interesting and match the creative and educational aims of our student body.