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Abingdon House School, a special needs school in London

Abingdon House School
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Abingdon House School: a very special school

"Welcome to Abingdon House School; a very special school where the needs and unique talents of each child are paramount. 

Many schools are too large and impersonal for pupils who need a more nurturing environment to succeed and develop. A whole school teaching regime of small classes with teaching assistants, therapists and trained staff using a range of teaching strategies and practical activities to draw out the pupil’s potential is required.

Once at Abingdon House School the change in the pupil’s self-esteem is marked and almost immediate. As they achieve, a belief in their own abilities develops and fuels further successes. After two or three years at Abingdon House School most pupils are ready to return to mainstream education.

I very much look forward to meeting with you and working with you to ensure the success of your child. "

Julie Fardell 

ISI Inspection Feedback

"The school thoroughly fulfils its aims to provide a holistic education and to prepare pupils to be ready to return to mainstream education. As a result, the pupils' overall achievement is excellent. Pupils of all ages and abilities are carefully nurtured and their confidence gently restored."

"Pupils' excellent personal development is realised through the strong sense of a mutually-supportive community. Pupils of all ages show great concern for one another, reflecting the excellent pastoral care they receive, and the constructive relationships they enjoy. Careful and detailed consideration is given to each individual need."


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Parent Feedback

We are delighted with the positive progress our son is now making and how far he has caught up.

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