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Abingdon House delivers a bespoke education developing and expanding the unique talents of each and every one of our pupils whilst at the same time addressing any educational challenges that they may face.

Many children today have specific learning difficulties. Having worked for over 30 years in this field of education as a teacher and as a Head, I have seen the negative impact this can have on the individual child. The child that once loved attending school often becomes withdrawn and unhappy. Some children struggle to keep pace with the academic progress of their peers and many find little enjoyment in school.

Frequently an inability to organise their work and their belongings results in even more frustration. The damage to a pupil’s self-confidence can be devastating and the situation can create pressures on a family as a whole.

These educational challenges cause many problems but they can be overcome. Once at Abingdon, the change in the pupil’s self-esteem is marked. As they achieve in academic and creative areas a belief in their own abilities grows and fuels further success.

After a period of time at Abingdon House School many pupils are ready to return to mainstream education.

Integral to our school approach is a partnership between Abingdon and Parents. As Head of Abingdon House School, I look forward to working with you to ensure the success of your child. Working together we can maximise your child’s academic progress while developing confident, enthusiastic and creative individuals.


Roy English
Head Teacher

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