We understand how important choosing the right school for your child is, and that the process can be challenging and time consuming.  We are here to help.

The Abingdon House family of schools is able to accommodate a variety of needs and provision through our specialist approach within mainstream styled schools.  We welcome enquiries from parents and carers, Local Authorities and educational placement consultants.  While the majority of our students have Education Health and Care plans, it is not a requirement for admissions and privately funded students are also welcome to apply.

The admissions process is thorough and robust to ensure that the specific needs of each student can be met and that Abingdon House School is the right environment for them to thrive.

Each campus runs their own admissions process, which includes tours, review of student paperwork and reports, professional observations and ‘taster days’ for the students.

If you think that Abingdon House School may be the right place for your child, please visit the admissions page for the campus you are considering, which further details the criteria and process for admissions.