BTEC Pre-Vocational – Exploring an Enterprise Activity with Ms Charitou

Posted: 24th March 2023

As a group, we have to design an enterprise product or service and working as a team, we are going to organise and create a small business.

To do this we have explored what enterprise is and entrepreneur is. We have then explored and identified the teams in a company and the skills and qualities someone needs to have to be a part of these teams, such as financial teams, events teams, and promotional teams.

Our group has decided that we will create bracelets and phone key chains to celebrate students’ hard work and positive attitudes toward learning at AHS. We will of course sell them but the date is yet to be released!

The group came up with the name of our company, ”Rainbow Bracelets”, and they all have different roles in the company.

The team practised a lot at the beginning by making paper bracelets and then we moved on to making the actual bracelets.