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AHSC Junior Leadership Team - 6 Questions in 6 Minutes with Mr Vokes-Dudgeon

The Junior Leadership Team are back and putting another staff member in the hot seat.

This week, JLT Rep James K and JLT Treasurer Archie ask our Deputy Headteacher, Mr Vokes-Dudgeon, the questions everyone wants answered!

Archie - What is your favourite restaurant?

Mr Vokes - Dudgeon - I do like going out for dinner. It's one of my favourite things. I think my favourite restaurant that I think you'd like as well Archie is Nando's.

James K - What's your favourite time of the year?

Mr Vokes - Dudgeon - I think my favourite time of the year is summer because it's hot. And you get lots of sport being played and we have a lot of time off. We get the long summer holidays and it's just a good time to go away with your family and friends and enjoy yourself.

Archie - What's your favourite film?

Mr Vokes - Dudgeon - I think I'm going to go for the James Bond films. That's a bit of an easy answer because there are so many, if you want me to be specific I think it's Casino Royale.

James K - Whats your favourite meal of the day?

Mr Vokes-Dudgeon - I think it's dinner time at night because I like cooking and that's the time for me to go home and have a time cooking a meal. I might cook a curry, or fajitas, or chilli.

Archie - what was your favourite subject at school?

Mr Vokes-Dudgeon - So my favourite subject was maths when I was a student, I really enjoyed maths. I enjoyed trying to work out the problems and trying to get to the answer and I liked it when I could get the answer right. I could get that tick and I knew I'd got it right. And that's why I became a maths teacher.

James K - Whats your favourite favourite animal?

Mr Vokes-Dudgeon - I love animals. James. I think if I didn't work in a school, I'd like to work with animals. you know what what? I might go for a giraffe. I do like all the African animals that you see on Safari. I think going on safari would be amazing.

Thanks for letting us interview you Mr Vokes-Dudgeon!

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