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AHSC Junior Leadership Team - 6 Questions in 6 Minutes with Mr Wilson

The Junior Leadership Team are back with another hard-hitting, in-depth interview.

This week, JLT Reps Miah and Hedley have Mr Wilson from Lynx Class in the hot seat.

Miah - What was your favourite toy when you were younger? Mr Wilson - I had a blue teddy bear when I was little that I used to sleep with. Hedley - Do you like Haggis? Mr Wilson - I haven't tried it before! Miah - Whats your favourite time of year? Mr Wilson - Summer, because its when my birthday is and its hot and sunny.

Hedley - Whats your favourite meal of the day? Mr Wilson - Dinner! Especially if its jerk chicken, rice and peas. Miah - what was your favourite subject at school? Mr Wilson - PE. Hedley- Whats your favourite football team? Mr Wilson - Manchester United! Thanks for letting us interview you Mr Wilson!


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