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College Tuck Shop

The tuck shop has got off to a very good start. It now runs on a Tuesday at Feathers at break time and since the half term, on a Wednesday in the dining hall at school. It has been going for over a month now and is well supported by students and staff. There’s a buzz of excitement as students eagerly purchase their treats with money they’ve brought in from home.

In Life Skills each week college students talk about how they felt the tuck shop went that week. They have taken on various “jobs” and responsibilities in the tuck shop e.g cashier, stock manager, tuck shop runner (delivering pre-orders around the school to staff), tuck shop server) and each week feedback about their experience of doing the job. Job roles are reviewed regularly and every 2 weeks students get the opportunity to choose a different job to try the following week.

Excited by the tuck shop, two students in Tutu Class expressed an interest in being involved and were “interviewed” by Mr. Lloyd and Ms Carella. Successful in their interviews, they help out on a Wednesday and so far have taken on roles as cashier and stock manager. Below are some comments from staff and students. “Nicely laid out and students are very friendly.” “There’s a good range of snacks, with good value for money.” “The tuck shop is really good." “Students have a professional attitude."

College students setting up the tuck shop at school. Janita Dingwall Occupational Therapist

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