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Developmental Language Disorder

DLD stands for Developmental Language Disorder. It is a common disorder; approximately 1 in 14 children are thought to have it but it is not always diagnosed or recognised. It includes children who have difficulties with all aspects of speech and language including producing clear speech, processing what they hear, using correct grammar, selecting the correct words and using language socially.

Children with DLD may have difficulties attending to language and it is often associated with dyslexia and ADHD.

It is a lifelong condition that persists into adulthood. Intervention from speech and language therapists and specialist teachers can make a huge difference for people who have DLD and can enable them to overcome many of the difficulties associated with DLD.

It is often referred to as the most common hidden disability in children. This year, the focus of the awareness day is ‘DLD and me’ and the aim is to raise awareness in order to support people who have DLD and help improve their wellbeing.

There is more information on the RADLD (raising awareness of DLD website, including a short quiz and more videos on the RADLD YouTube.

Sue Madraszek

Speech and Language Therapist at Abingdon House School and College

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