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Mr Vokes-Dugeon Lectures on SEND teaching at Kings College London

Last week, Mr Vokes-Dugeon went to King's College London to teach a lecture to their mainstream PGCE Maths cohort. The title is "Teaching Maths to students with SEND". He dose this with Natalie Palmer, the Assistant Head of School at Spa Bermondsey. This is the third year of the lecture.

Their lecture covers the following topics.

1. SEND in mainstream classes

2. Vocabulary teaching, the importance and strategies

3. Oracy in Maths

4. The importance of teaching to understanding (The CPA method)

5. Teaching worded problems

In addition to his lecture, Mr Vokes-Dudgen has also organised for PGCE students from Arc Greenwich to visit us and get a real life experience of SEND teaching expertise this week.

The feedback from these visits has been wonderful!

"Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to experience a day at Abingdon House.

It was a day I won't forget and I have learnt new ways to approach a lesson to better support the kids in my class that have SEN needs thanks to the wonderful teachers at Abingdon House.

Hopefully I get another chance to visit again."

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