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Outdoor Learning

At Abingdon House Prep, we've had a wonderful first half term exploring and learning about the different wildlife in Hyde Park.

Bamboo began the term learning about London Plane Trees, we found out that they are very popular trees in cities because they are so resilient and can withstand the effects of pollution. We collected leaves and pressed them then decorated them. We also collected the seed balls and looked at the bark which peels very easily in distinctive patches. We found out that 35% of all the trees in Hyde Park are London Plane Trees.

We have also been learning about Horse Chestnut Trees and have enjoyed collecting conkers, looking at them with microscopes, sketching them and decorating them.

We have finished the term by learning about the Red Oak in Hyde Park, collecting the beautiful leaves and decorating them. We also found out that the parks service check all the trees that have fungus growing on them to see if they need protecting.

Peace Lily have also loved collecting conkers and decorating them and sketching them but have also taken a particular interest in the birds in Hyde Park. Their favourite place to visit is Round Pond and we have enjoyed learning about Mute Swans., Egyptian Ducks, Grey Geese and Canadian Geese. The children loved collecting the feathers and enjoyed decorating them. We have also used the microscopes to look at the feathers more closely and the binoculars to have a closer view of the birds without disturbing them. The children have been very patient and understanding that we need to be quiet and calm if we want to move closer to any of the birds and have also listened and understood when they are close enough and need to give the birds some space.

Aloe Vera began the term being very curious about flowers so we did a scavenger hunt to see what flowers were still in bloom along the South Flower Walk. Next spring and summer we will explore the meadow of wildflowers near Kensington Palace and the pollinators garden in the North of Hyde Park.

Lots of the children in Aloe Vera have really enjoyed sketching and painting the different leaves and seeds that we have found in their class book. They also got really excited about conkers and have done a great job of decorating them. Last week we visited Round Pond as some of the children were very keen to see the birds and they did really well at approaching the birds carefully and with respect, taking care not to get too close or frighten them.

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